- History -

In 1671 (Kouki 10), the Ginowan magiri (an ancient type of administrative district), which contains present-day Ginowan City, was founded after incorporating 10 villages from the Urasoe magiri (Ganeko, Ginowan, Kamiyama, Kakazu, Janagushikawa (Ooyama), Oojana),Nodake and Futenma from the Nakagusuku magiri, and Aniya from the Chatan magiri. These combined to establish the new village of Mashiki, becoming a magiri of 14 villages.

In 1879 (Meiji 12), after the abolishment of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures, the Nakagami District Office was established in Ginowan, and the Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station was established in Futenma. And with the fact that the Nakagami District Education Group regularly held meetings in Ginowan, the area slowly became an active political, economic and educational center of Central Okinawa.

During the Second World War, the area suffered massive casualties, however, the Nodake area only suffered slight damage and thus became a safe haven for refugees from surrounding areas, and it also played a key part in Ginowan's postwar restoration. Well after the war, Ginowan was a base for stationed American soldiers, and after the war urbanization rapidly progressed centering on Futenma, and on July 1st, 1962 (Showa 37), the Ginowan municipal organization was established and Ginowan City was born.

After Ginowan City was established, due to the fact that the American base was in the middle of it, it developed into to a unique ""donut-shaped"" city running alongside national and prefectural roads, and in recent years it has been developing into a metropolitan to match Naha city's outwards expansion. And with the founding of Okinawa International University and Ryukyu University, it is becoming a highly important city in the prefecture.

Basic City Development Plan


Future Image of the City

A City Built upon the "Netate" of its People
- Note: "Netate" is an ancient Ryukyu word appearing in the traditional folk song "Omorososhi", meaning "the root of things", foundation of a community" or "center of worship".

  1. A City Walking and Shining with its People:
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