Men, feel free to stop by too! Cool and niche design miscellaneous goods! ERMITAGE G – LABO (Oyama, Ginowan City)

Men, feel free to stop by too! Cool and niche design miscellaneous goods! ERMITAGE G – LABO (Oyama, Ginowan City)

Oyama, Ginowan city connects with National Highway No. 58 that crosses the main island of Okinawa from Naha Airport to about 30-40 minutes north. This neighborhood is a popular spot for furniture, variety stores, and antique shops. Not only do the shop owners have refined taste, but the area also attracts many customers from all over Japan, who are interested in well-designed interior spaces. It is one of the leading fashionable areas in Okinawa.
What's that building in the corner? It has a figure that looks like a world-famous superhero hanging inside (Not For Sale). Maybe, it's a "Ninja shop"? Let's peek into the shop on the first and second floors of the building!

Even at the entrance, our super hero is secretly staring at the visitors at "ERMITAGE G-LABO." The name of the store comes from the French word for "hideout." The metallic silver and black interior look very cool inside the shop. There is also a figurine in the shape of a hand!? An animal skull with horns!? A giant jaguar figure?! (All not for sale). Such items are not found anywhere else!

"Products that stimulate an adult's intelligence"! Hand-selected products that adults can enjoy, from one man's perspective.

Mr. Kojiro Sumita from the Kansai region in the Southwestern part of Japan, runs the shop. He has been living in Okinawa since 1993. Mr. Sumita, who grew up in the city, said that when he started living in Okinawa, he was surprised that you could not get trendy items in Okinawa in a timely fashion. And so, he decided to try setting up a new store in Chatan for his company at the time. Mr. Sumita flew around the country. He then repeatedly negotiated with the suppliers. Finally, brought the concept of "Timely Trends for the Young People of Okinawa" to Okinawa's pioneering variety store, "ETWS" (pronouned "et-was"). Mr Sumita's shop was launched at a time when youth street culture was at its height in Chatan. His shop gained tremendous support.

"When the ETWS in Chatan was at its peak in 2006, he decided that he wanted to drop out of the company and try to run a shop on his own. He, himself, was eager to start a new challenge, since he was able to achieve his initial expectations with ETWS. Also, he wasn't getting any younger." The current shop is called "Zatsu Otoko-ya," which procures items that adults can enjoy. Because these items were selected by a man, male customers often drop in. There are a considerable number of items lined up in the shop; nothing but quality products that are cool and engaging. Mr. Sumida introduced some of his recommendations.

Popular items are hand-selected by the owner!

Popular items are hand-selected by the owner!

There are miscellaneous goods for the kitchen, such as outdoor tableware and glass products. The glass products are extremely popular; especially vintage style brands such as KILNER, QUATRO, MASON, and other long established makers in Europe and America. The designs are at affordable prices, and so loved -- they never get old.

The "Mercury" brand makes American-style miscellaneous goods with simple designs. The products range from cloth to metal to plastic in material. Also, there are a variety of colors to match a wide range of tastes; both manly and girly.

Why not get a fragrance as a souvenir before you return? While you are comfortably relaxing at home, it'll bring back fond memories of your trip to Okinawa. Candles, room fragrances, and incense are all carefully selected by Mr. Sumita; brands such as American candle maker, YANKEE CANDLE, and incence maker, GONESH. Other than that, there are way too many items to introduce. If these have caught your attention, definitely stop by the shop and take a look around for yourself! 


location1-10-15 Oyama, Ginowan City, Okinawa
business hours10:30-19:30
Regular holidayNon-public holidays.
Parking Lot2 parking spaces available at the back of the store. Other locations are also available.