[Unique Shops and Cafes]

- A land where old and new stores charmingly coexist. -

Alongside new stores such as the stylish "furniture street" or a cafe renovated from former housing for stationed American soldiers, to a cafe and bread bakery that make foods from local ingredients of the island. From long-beloved mainstays such as the supermarket, "Jimmy's restaurant , and the simplistic supermarket "Sharima" all still exist in Ginowan, creating an interesting and unique mixture of both old and new.

 [Tropical Beach]

- A freely expanding beach on the west coast of Ginowan. -

A very popular spot with locals, always bustling with families and young people on holidays. Here one can enjoy building sandcastles, chilling on the grass in the park, swimming, water sledding, sailing and a variety of other watersports, and you can even have a BBQ on the beach. (Reservation needed.)


- A place notable for spiritual power in Okinawa. -

Futenmagu is known to be the only shrine in Ginowan and is beloved by the locals for its part in their traditional occasions such as Shichi-Go-San, marriages and other ceremonies.The grotto within the shrine grounds has been specified by Ginowan City to be a cultural property, and within the entire 280m length of this cave, countless gods are worshiped giving it the atmosphere of a holy land. Currently, visitors are only allowed access to 50m of it, 30 minutes at a time.

[The hagoromofestival and the Hagoromo Kachashi Dance Contest]

- The largest festival in Ginowan, held on August every year. -

Various ceremonies are held, During this event such as the long line of people marching through the Convention center and Kankaimon streets, reneacting an emaki (picture scroll) of the history of King Satto, a hero of the land and native royal descendant. The Hagoromo Kachashi Dance Contest, representing the folktale of the wing robe, which many visitors enjoy every year.

[Ryukyu Kaiensai Firework Festival]

- The first summer firework festival in Japan. -

The event is held in April every year at Tropical Beach, Ginowan Seaside Park, this is the first summer fireworks of the year, attracting many visitors from around Japan. This is a massive event heralding the coming of summer to Okinawa, with a combined performance of music and fireworks lasting about 1 hour with many joyful moments.